Air Liquide


Creative Campaign (Social Media)




Air Liquide needed a new creative campaign to start communicating around Air Liquide’s value-based approach and being recognized by the stakeholders as a value delivery partner to shift the current healthcare model to a value-based model. The challenge was to raise awareness through a disruptive social media campaign that had an impact in terms of reach across all the countries in Europe.


The concept we came up with was about a vision for better healthcare. Where “we see” the person, not the patient.
The creative for the social media campaign (we see) was developed around three phases:
Phase 1: Value-Based Healthcare launch (awareness)
Phase2: Education on Value-Based Healthcare (more in-depth knowledge)
Phase 3: Messages tailored and targeted to Air Liquide stakeholders (Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare institutions, Authorities and Payers).
We also set-up a Social Media Calendar with an overview of all the posts designs, the post copy, hashtags and call-to-action links that has been used for posting on Air Liquide social media channels.


The campaign had significant impact on patient engagement, education, brand recognition, reputation management and outreach.
By leveraging the power of social media platforms, Air Liquide could better connect with patients and build lasting relationships based on trust and quality care.