Unconventional Tips to Boost Your Dental Marketing

Maximise your brand potential and improve your business’s bottom line with our key tips to boost your dental marketing strategy.

Dental marketing is a vital part of your dental practice, and it can play a significant role in your success. However, many dentists don’t know how to maximize their potential. In this article, we’ll provide some unconventional tips to help you boost your dental marketing efforts.


What is Dental Marketing?

It may seem that dentists have a bad rap, but the industry is one of the most competitive ones in the medical field. According to a report by Alrich Advisors, dentists need at least 20 patients every month to sustain their practice. Where should they be finding these prospects?

This is where dental marketing can make all the difference for your business. A way to increase your brand’s visibility and make you stand out from the competition, dental marketing is a crucial process for businesses to engage in if they want to grab the attention of their audiences. 

A well-designed and effective marketing strategy target your ideal customer with a message that they are able to resonate with. In turn, this helps you attract new patients as you grow your practice, and achieve long-term success. 


How Dental Marketing Can Make a Difference 

A well-designed and effective marketing strategy can help your brand in the following ways:

  • Increase brand awareness: The more recognition your dental practice has, the more successful it will be. This is the foundational piece for every marketing strategy and is crucial for your audience to get comfortable with your brand.

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: By creating a positive customer experience, you can ensure that customers are more likely to return and recommend your services to their friends and family.

  • Generate leads and referrals: Through effective lead generation methods, you can increase the chances of getting new patients. Not only that, but you can also convert these leads into paying customers!

  • Add Value to Your Brand: When your brand stands out from the competition, it’s more likely to be embraced by consumers.  This can result in higher brand awareness, more loyalty from customers, and even more referrals.

Altogether, these contribute to reaching a wider audience, in turn generating more leads. By investing in a good marketing strategy, you can ensure that your dental practice is sustainable and successful.


Tips to Boost Your Dental Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing methods such as social media, SEO/SEM and digital advertising have become the more popular choice for dental marketers in recent times. However, traditional approaches are also incredibly viable for new prospects to find your practice. Here are some of our unexpected strategies that you can use to improve your dental marketing

Community is Key

Most of a dental office’s patients tend to be those who live within close proximity. That is why it is essential for you to make yourself known within the community that you operate in.  

The people in your community want to do business with people that they know and trust. One way to build rapport is to take an active interest in community events, such as local job fairs, carnivals or community celebrations. As a practice, you could also host an event for the community to attend as you educate them on the value that your brand has to offer. 

Another way to tap into your community is to give back to them. Sponsoring local clubs, or maybe even contributing to environmental or societal sustainability initiatives can show people that you’re keen to make a difference, and make it all the more appealing for them. 


Share Real Stories 

According to an Edelman report, 56% of people trust brands based on customer experiences. Your patients want to hear about your experiences, successes and failures. By sharing stories of your practice from the perspective of your team and patients, you can show them that you are a real business that is thriving.

Sharing real-life stories also give potential patients a better understanding of dental care and show them the transformation that you have to offer. For example, you could showcase before-and-after shots of cosmetic procedures, or perhaps even a written testimonial from a happy client published on your website or newsletter. 

This could also be a way for you to humanise your brand and reassure your audiences that they’re in good hands, by showing them more about the staff in your practice. 


Get Personal with Newsletters 

Newsletters are a great way for you to educate and inform your patients while adding a personal touch. Depending on your audience type, both email and direct mail newsletters could be valuable tools for promoting your practice and discovering prospective new patients.  

For example, you could provide exclusive content on dental treatments, upcoming events or new products that your practice has launched. You could also send out timely reminders about important appointments or services that your practice offers.

Including interesting and useful content in your newsletters will keep interested readers coming back for more.


While there are many effective ways to boost dental marketing efforts, these unconventional tips should not be underestimated when it comes to reaching new prospects. Getting creative with your marketing strategies will result in a higher level of brand awareness and increased business sustainability for your dental practice.

Are you a dental practice looking for a result-oriented marketing plan? We can help you boost your dental marketing strategy and achieve your business objectives. Contact us today for a quick consultation on your creative communication needs.